Universe Of Drumming

Learn to play drums with a system!

Playing drums is like the universe: Infinite! And in every respect: Infinitely beautiful, infinitely extensive and often unfortunately also infinitely chaotic. Universe Of Drumming therefore offers you a comprehensive and structured learning system for modern drums.

Universe Of Drumming is ideal for self-taught learning at home as well as for working with a drum teacher. So that you can work optimally with Universe Of Drumming at home, we provide MP3 audio files for all exercises for your personal learning control.

Universe Of Drumming is equally suitable for beginners and advanced learners, since all exercises have different levels of complexity. So that you can be sure that the desired e-book also contains the exercises that are right for you, there is a free version of every book to look at.

Universe Of Drumming for drum students

Are you a drummer at a music or drum school? Fine! Because upon presentation of a corresponding certificate from your school / teacher you will receive a 20% discount on all e-books.

If your school / teacher has signed a cooperation agreement with us as part of our "Education Program", you will even receive a 50% discount on all e-books.

Universe Of Drumming for music and drum schools

Are you a freelance drum teacher or working at a music or drum school? Fine! Drum teachers / schools receive a 50% discount on all e-books as part of our "Education Program".

With a cooperation agreement, drum teachers and schools even get a 100% discount and thus the entire Universe Of Drumming method for free!

Universe of drumming for producers

Are you a music producer or composer? Fine! Because the "producer versions" of our e-books contain not only the MP3 audio files but also the corresponding MIDI files for easy integration of grooves and fills into your DAW environment.

Advantages of Universe Of Drumming:

  • Comprehensive and structured learning system.
  • For beginners and advanced.
  • For work in schools and at home.
  • MP3 audio files for personal learning control.
  • 20% discount for drum students.
  • 50% discount for drum teachers.
  • 100% discount for schools / teachers with a cooperation agreement.